Many tattoos can be reworked or covered up depending on the original tattoo. If you are looking to get a tattoo reworked or covered up you must come down to the studio so we can assess the tattoo and then we can guide you on whether it can be reworked or it will need to be covered up. 

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  1. I would recomend anybody go here, ive been to few tattooists an these are far the BEST! I got Hindi writing down my side an its perfect, ud think the lines were drawn with a ruler! …. cheeres guys! Kate

  2. I had a dodgy tat which was completely ruined by stretch marks my stomach is very bad with them. Went to see Sharon she covered up me existing tattoo and followed up with a gorgeous stomach hip and rib piece and I don’t know how she did it but I had no bleeds of colour within my stretch marks I could not believe how fantastic she is. You can’t see my original tat and my new one is just perfect I love it. She has tattooed me and my hubby and we would never go anywhere else. More to the point Sharon, Adam and Sharon’s sister are are amazing company and make you feel very relaxed even when I called her a mother f@@k@@ lol. Absolutely fab place to go 🙂 xxx

  3. I have a black and white photograph of my late mother which I wold like to have tattooed on me . Do you have any tattooists who specialize in this type of work ?

  4. hello, i’m john from holland. i have a few tattoo’s, but one of 2 flags,one holland and one greek. do you think you can change the greek flag into one of great brittain? next month i’m in liverpool to see lfc….

    kind regards

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