Tattoo aftercare is super important! Tattooing is a partnership! We do the tattoo, you look after it while it heals! I’m going to out line the aftercare we recommend in this post, you may have heard different from other tattooists at times or even heard something else in the past. These are OUR guidelines, and the the procedures we have found work for the vast majority of our clients and us!

  1. Please, Do as we ask you! We have enough experience to know what works best, for our clients and for how we tattoo, and we guarantee all our work as long as you follow our guidelines!
  2. Wrapping. take the wrapping off an hour or so after we have tattooed you
  3. Wash with warm soapy water, use something like Dove or Simple soap When you come to your first wash, most likely when you’ve just taken the wrapping off, there will be a syrupy, sticky layer over the top comprised of ink, blood, plasma and lymph fluid – all completely normal things for a new tattoo but you want to get rid of as much of it as you can. Using your (clean) fingers only, gently wash the area using warm water (not hot) until you can feel the syrupy layer has gone. If any of this layer remains, your scabs will be thicker which in turn will make it harder to penetrate any kind of aftercare products through leading to increased dryness and scab-cracking.
  4. Don’t use a towel, and always pat it dry! No matter how clean you might think it is, it will always have picked up some germs along the way. Anything with an abrasive surface as well (even a towel) will not be gentle enough and it could leave fluff residue within your tattoo.
  5. Choose your aftercare product. There are some awesome aftercare products out there now, we recommend Oliver’s Tattoo Butter, which we sell at the studio, or try Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, which smells lovely!
  6. Take aftercare cream with you everywhere. “National take you aftercare to work every day day”! Which is where the Oliver’s tattoo butter comes in handy, pocket size jars! 
  7. Keep it clean! Keep it real! Make sure you’re washing your tattoo at least twice a day before you put the aftercare cream/butter on!. If you work in a dirty or active job, be super careful! But tell us so we can advise you further!
  8. Don’t rub. Don’t itch. Only pat. If you knock any of the scab off, you can lose colour! This is a bad thing. NEVER FEAR! As we guarantee all our work we will touch up any tattoo done by us for free within the first month or so, don’t turn up in 8 years time for a free touch up. And this has happened!
  9. Drink water. Water is awesome. 2 litres a day keeps you hydrated. But that’s general life advice.
  10. Avoid tight clothing. Be super careful, as anything tight up against the tattoo on rubbing against it can ruin your chances of a perfect tattoo!
  11. Avoid the gym, if you can! 
  12. Don’t soak it!  And no saunas or steam rooms. It’s not good for a scab to continuously soften and harden. It could lead to the scab coming off before it’s completely ready. Any public water areas are also teaming with germs so stay well clear! Also, everyone knows what fish do in the sea. Avoid.
  13. No sun, or sunbeds!. A fresh tattoo is an open wound so it will have no natural protection from the sun – UV can do bad things to fresh tattoos!
  14. Showers! Get showered! Shower gel wise – Use something not coloured, not perfumed, just kind, while it is healing!
  15. Don’t worry. You will get some slight swelling and itching in the first 48 hours, but that is natural! But if you have any issues just drop by and me or Darryn will take a look and give you some advice!
  16. I might have missed something but I think that’s pretty comprehensive!

Have an awesome day, and see you soon! Take it easy!


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