X Factor came to Liverpool and Northern Soul Tattoo ended up getting involved somehow!

We got a phone call to the studio this morning from a lovely lady called Maureen. She asked if there was any chance we could fit her in for a little tattoo. So as Sharron was looking for the diary she went on to tell us how she was at the X Factor auditions and she got her wrist signed by Gary Barlow. Now if you know Sharron, you know she’s a bit of a TV geek as well as a bit of a Take That fan on the sly so she was fitting this tattoo in one way or an other.

So when Maureen arrived late on this afternoon, Sharron had to carefully clean her wrist hoping she didnt rub the signature off totally. And then she got to work tattooing the signature while being videoed as it turned out that this was part of  a follow up piece as Maureen won a competition to meet Gary.  So you never know Northern Soul Tattoo might end up on X Factor, how funny would that be.

So here are the photos of the tattoo and one of Maureen and Gary.

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