Click the link below for our new booking form! We will get back to you via email and we can sort it all out from there! If it’s a cover up we might need you to come down the studio before hand still and we can still do consultations on person if you want to!... Continue Reading →

Traditional style tattooing

This is an example of traditional tattoo art by the guys at the shop - so you can see even within traditional tattooing there are variations in personal style! So you can see Darryn’s work is a little more European/neo traditional, and ha takes that off into his own personal style. Whereas Adam’s work is... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas everybody!

Wishing you all an amazing Christmas and an awesome New Year! It’s been a strange year and we just want to thank all of you for supporting us and getting tattooed by us this year! We will be open again on the 4th January! We look forward to seeing you all again and starting some... Continue Reading →

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